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Accounts Payable

Texas Apartment Services works in conjunction with Farwest Capital Group for continued capital. Unlike other funding services, Farwest Capital Group allows payments to be remitted to Texas Apartment Services. Invoices provide the correct address to remit payments. The address is located in Austin, Texas, controlled by Farwest Capital Group. Accurate information is vital to A/P depts.., regarding invoice research and payment schedules. If possible, please indicate Texas Apartment Services as the main name information for your records. Remittance should be payable to: P.O. Box 30317, Austin, TX-78755

We understand that payment terms vary with each client. We are happy to service accounts that require additional time to remit payment(s). Please notify Mary in advance, if your company's payment term is over 60 days

Criminal Background

Texas Apartment Services makes a constant effort in providing you with qualified personnel. Part of this procedure is taking comfort in knowing that you have assistance with someone that doesn't pose a risk to you and your residents. Backgrounds are released with the expressed authorization of each temporary personnel to managers via fax or e-mail. Respect of personnel's privacy is adamantly requested, and should never be discussed with persons other than personnel in question, manager of property, and representatives of TAS. Backgrounds are ran on Criminal, Homeland Security/E-verify, Social Security, and all prior employment.

Charges often appear worse than the actual offense. If your company has certain requirements regarding charges, please advise us in writing, via fax to secure for future reference.

Texas Apartment Services makes every attempt to honor requirements however; changes to personnel's background may happen before updates are posted on reports.

Texas Apartment Services appreciates your help in providing on site employee evaluations. This helps to provide accurate information on our employees so we may match both employees and clients proficiently.

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